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"Choose Your Own Blobby" Emoji Sticker Set

  • 300

Meet Blobby! One cute little blob with all sorts of emotions and one interesting life!

We all love Blobby and now you can choose to have a whole sheet of your favorite one! Whether you want to use him to track readings, shopping trips, or sticker orders, Blobby has you covered.

Choose either matte or glossy paper, and then leave the number of the blobby you'd like in the notes section of your order.

PLEASE ONLY ONE BLOBBY PER SHEET! If you only order one Blobby sheet and leave multiple requests for Blobby stickers in the notes section, we will only make you a sheet with the first Blobby you requested. You must order separate sheets for different Blobby types. 

Blobby sheets come with about 20-25 blobbies depending on individual sticker size.

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Customer Reviews

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