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Love our classic subscription but can't seem to use up all the stickers from month to month? This MINI subscription is perfect for you! Get three sheets of Classic Subscription themed stickers every month and a bonus item for half the cost of our deluxe classic subscription.

We make each sub worth its weight in gold by giving you more than the value plus some stickers are SUB EXCLUSIVE (oooooohhh)! Not to mention from time to time we team up with other planner people to get you even more awesomeness in our super cool subs.


If you choose the regular ol' subscription:

You'll get a subscription sent to you on or around the 5th of the month before the month of your subscription. You'll be able to purchase a monthly sub up until the first of the month of your subscription (or until they sell out). So say you want to order the February Subscription. You have until the first of February to place your order. The subscription will ship out between the 5th and 10th of January. If you're ordering the March subscription, the cut off date is March 1st and so on.

If you choose the auto renew month-by-month option

Signing up for auto renew will make sure you never miss a subscription release while giving you the freedom to cancel any time. Your account will be billed on the first of every month for the subscription for the following month. So on January 1st your account will be billed for the February Subscription. A shipping notification will be sent out for each subscription every month. You can cancel any time through the email you'll receive after every month's purchase. 



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