Having trouble printing your insert downloads? Follow these simple instructions to make sure everything is printing right!

1. Make sure you're using Adobe Reader to print from. It's a free program you can download here. This software will make sure your insert will print correctly.

2. Open your file with Adobe Reader. Click print.

3. In the print settings, make sure ACTUAL size is chosen and your insert orientation is on auto portrait/landscape. Your insert should be centered in the preview

4. Under Page to Print, first check odd pages only. Print all odd pages first and pay attention to the direction they come out of your printer. The first pages should be on the bottom. Take the finished stack of odd pages and put them back into your printer in the correct orientation that the pages printed out in. Then print all the even pages. Keep the PDF file open to make sure page 2 prints behind page 1 and so on.

5. Use the PDF file for reference with folding and cutting. Keep all the odd pages facing down in a stack as you cut each sheet along the cut lines.

6. Fold all the sheets over flip through to make sure everything is in the right order. Congrats on making a TN insert!