DIY Cactus Project - Build Your Own Cactus Kit

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Build your own three-dimensional cactus. Paint it, stain it, and assemble. A great craft for kids or a girl's night in. Choose from five different design styles with varying difficulties.

Cut on our laser cutter in house, the original wood pieces may have some varying marks. The product images show the kits stained with various wood stains. Projects will come disassembled and in their original wood tone. Finished projects range from 6 inches to 7 inches.

Kit #5 is advanced and more difficult than the other four kits.


1. Lay out all your pieces to familiarize yourself with the kit
2. Paint or stain the individual cactus pieces and the box and let dry
3. Using wood glue, glue together the box and use rubber bands to keep it together
4. Repeat step three with the cactus section, adding each piece into the circle base.
5. Glue the flower pieces onto the cactus.
6. Glue the circle cactus base into the bottom of the planter box.
7. Let set overnight then cut off rubber bands.
8. Add brown crinkle paper to pot if desired.

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